Clean environments make people happier.
Our core belief is that spotless environments have a positive impact on the way people feel, behave and work.

Our cleaning teams are given the autonomy to take a flexible and agile approach to how they work and are focused on helping our clients maintain outstandingly clean and safe environments by delivering quality services, reliably and consistently.

To complement our general, specialist, window and washroom cleaning services, we also offer grounds maintenance, pest control and waste management.


What makes us different

Sparrow cleaning is built on a belief that ‘keeping it local’ delivers the best results for our clients. We are the largest independently owned cleaning services provider in the UK, but our unique regional structure gives our local management the autonomy to do what’s right for their clients.

One of our core values is to always seek better so standing still just isn’t in our nature. Through technology, insights and a culture that engenders inspiration, we always look to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to find better ways of doing things resulting in the best outcomes for our clients.

This is all underpinned by mantra of doing the right thing – particularly when it comes to managing our impact on our planet. We recognise that we are in a position to drive change in reducing the damage our industry can cause and we’re doing this by developing more sustainable products and processes.